The difference between carbon fiber and aluminum alloy

  • 2021-03-19 14:32:48

Speaking of bicycles, carbon fiber and aluminum alloy materials are currently the two most commonly encountered materials in bicycle manufacturing. For aluminum alloy materials, most people are familiar with them, and many people have not touched high-end carbon fiber materials. There is no concept of the strength comparison between the two. Customers often ask which aluminum alloy or carbon fiber is stronger. Let’s make a simple analysis.

carbon fiber and aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy materials have a wide range of applications in daily life. You can come into contact with this material in your life. The price of aluminum alloy is relatively cheap, the weight is lighter than steel, and the strength is higher. The disadvantage of this material is that it has poor elasticity and is prone to deformation after excessive force. Carbon fiber materials are often used in combination with resins in applications. Carbon fiber composites are lighter in weight and have much higher strength than aluminum alloys. Due to the complex production process, the price is very expensive. The carbon fiber composite material has high hardness but is relatively brittle, and it will break if the load exceeds the load limit. In addition, it will be damaged by scratching the inside, and the material performance will be greatly reduced.

The performance of carbon fiber is far better than aluminum alloy materials:

1. From the point of view of the compression or compression modulus of the material, the data of carbon fiber is 200 (GNm^ -2) and the data of 6 series aluminum alloy is between 69 and 79. The larger the data, the smaller the deformation under force and the higher the hardness.

2. In terms of material weight, the density of carbon fiber is much smaller than that of aluminum alloy. In terms of products, aluminum alloy materials can reach a weight similar to carbon fiber through technology, but aluminum alloys for high-end weight reduction equipment can hardly reach the value of carbon fiber.

3. The joint part of the aluminum alloy material usually leaves traces due to welding, which is more rigid in terms of shape shaping. Carbon fiber products are formed by carbon fiber cloth and resin in a mold, which can be molded into various shapes, which is very convenient for product design.

About the difference between carbon brazing and aluminum alloy is probably like this. Generally speaking, the performance of carbon brazing is better than aluminum alloy materials. Moreover, the applications are quite extensive. In the future construction industry, carbon brazing will surely become an industry with great development potential.

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