Hogar Noticias Do you know the most common sense that all riders should know?

Do you know the most common sense that all riders should know?

  • March 01, 2021

1.Yellow jersey: the overall leader. The total score is the sum of the daily riding time, minus the time the cyclist wins the stage or road section award. Therefore, the player who spends the least amount of time wears a yellow jersey. What is the meaning and significance of cycling jerseys (leader jerseys) of various colors in road cycling races?

2.Green jersey: Sprint points are assigned to the end of each stage, and the person with the most points per day can wear a green jerseyt. Therefore, the green jersey is competing between the sprinters. See who can quickly accelerate at the end of the stage to win the final sprint. All drivers have a chance to win time rewards.

In the first week of the Tour de France, there are usually no difficult climbs, and the gap between the drivers is very small, which makes the middle sprint and the finish sprint very exciting. The time for the sprint award in the middle of the stage is 6 seconds for the first place, 4 seconds for the second place, and 3 seconds for the third place. The time for the sprint reward at the end of the stage is 20 seconds. Although it is called the "reward" of time, in fact time is subtracted from the total score.

3.Mountains jersey: white clothes with red dots. This jersey is awarded to the best climber, or more accurately, to the rider with the highest climbing points at the end of each slope. . The higher the grade of the slope, the more points will be earned by the first rider to pass the top grade line.

4.White jersey: Awarded to the best young cyclist. In the Tour de France, "young" means under 25 years old. In some sports, 25-year-old athletes are about to retire, but in cycling, especially in segmented competitions, it is difficult for riders to develop the necessary endurance under the age of 25-30. Of course there are exceptions. For example, EddyMerckx won his first Tour de France title in 1969 when he was 24 years old.

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